Web hosting service

Web hosting service

The Internet has become the means of almost every task of our life. People have made their lives dependent on the internet these days even when it comes to marketing or advertising your business. People are leaving behind the primitive ways of doing all the tasks and adopting the modern technology. When it comes to online marketing and advertising you can find most of the business websites online and can know about them while sitting at home. If you are a business owner too then you should go for this methodology making the life of your customers easy. We hosting services plays an important role in online marketing and advertising of a business.

What is web hosting service

First of all, you should know what a web hosting service exactly is. Web hosting service is basically a service by which peoples, companies or any organisation is Apple to make their websites accessible to the people. Once you have had your website developed the next thing that comes is making it available for the people. Without a web hosting service there won’t be any use of your website as there would e no server to find that website for people.

Importance of web hosting

Web hosting service is important because basically, they make the business’s presence happen in the online world. Web hosting service in its simplest form which most of the web hosting companies provide for free is single page web hosting. In single page hosting only one paged website will be uploaded. Wb hosting services manages domains and provide you with important tools fry pour websites and all of this makes the web hosting service very important.

Types of web hosting services

There are many types of the web hosting services which are listed below.

Shared web hosting


Shared web hosting is one of the very important types of web hosting services. As the name indicates in this type of web hosting service a server is being shared by a number of websites and most of the times those websites are from the same client and there is restricted access to the user on this server

Dedicated service



In this type of web hosting service, the client owns the whole server which is not shared b any of the websites. And in this type they allow their client to have a full control over everything even control panel.

Colocation hosting

In this type of web hosting service, the client buys the software and hardware themselves while the server provides its location and give you the infrastructure to conduct that kind of hosting.

Virtual hosting

In this type of web hosting service the host use same server resources that have the capability of dedicated servers. A single server is used but still, websites are completely separated from each other.

Managed servers

In this web hosting service the hosting company manage the servers and all the other such details like add on etc.

Email hosting

Email hosting is used only to provide users with all the email services they require.

This was the brief into of web hosting service and its different types.

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