What is Web Hosting Definition and Types of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting Definition and Types of Web Hosting

The Internet is not just about playing games or downloading movies. But actually, now it has become one of the best sources of jobs and businesses. And in order to understand that you need to understand Web Hosting Definition. Basically, the term Web Hosting is mostly used by those who want to post some article or wants to develop their own website on the internet. And to get this thing done you do not need to buy dinners for anyone, as there is no physical link of this term to our lives. In simple words, when we open some website by using different browsers on our computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Then we have to wait for some time in order not get that specific page to open. But in behind the scenes, our web browsers are compiling the data of that specific page of that specific IP address from somewhere in the world where it is being kept in the servers, and the process of storing or uploading all the web contents in that specific web server is known as Web Hosting.

Web Hosting

And due to web hosting, we are able to access all of that data anywhere from the world just by using internet on our web browsers. And for the Web Hosting you must understand that it is not as simple as it seems to be because, behind all of this many technicians regarding software, hardware and servers are sitting just to get this process done properly. And obviously not all websites are similar, as there are some which belong to the multi-national companies, and they require regular updates and a lot of space to keep all of their data to be saved. On the other hand, there are websites which belong to normal companies on a national level, but high in standards so they also require regular updates. And for both of them, a different and expensive type of web hosting is required.

Types of Web Hosting

Then comes the moderate companies and educational institutes of five-star hotels, and for them, not much space is required, so basically they go a different category of web hosting which provides them with enough space for their websites to keep working well, and cost of web hosting is also affordable. And for final comes the students who develop websites for different smaller purposes, and the type of web hosting used for them is mostly the shared ones. In which hundreds of people have to share a single server, and in this way, the cost of renting and maintenance of the server also gets less.

Shared Web Hosting

And no doubt the space they get is less, but at this stage, it is enough for them to learn about the web development. And if they want to continue to the same website in future, then they could transfer all of their data to some other servers with a different web host and different cist of web hosting process as well. In short web hosting is something which lets you enjoy all the web contents from all parts of the world.

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