SEO hosting

SEO hosting

SEO hosting is one of the services provided by the web hosting companies. It is also one of the means of online business marketing and advertising through websites. We all know how hosting works and how it makes our websites available to the people but that would be only when someone knows about your business and type in your web address ten they would be able to view your website but what about the people who don’t know about your business but you want them to. In that case, only one thing helps which is search engine optimisation. With the help of SEO hosting which is provided by some of the hosting companies when people type in the name of any product or anything related to your company in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. your website link with bunch of other websites will also appear in the page f that search engine. And thus this way you would be able to get more audience.

Why choose SEO hosting

There are many reasons why you should choose SEO hosting over other hosting services and following are some of the reasons that will prove that SEO hosting is better than other hosting services and why you should choose it over the other one.

C Class

SEO hosting service offers C class IPs which are not offered by any other hosting services and is exactly the reason why you should go for SEO hosting. Interlinked websites that are hosted on IPs from a similar range then they should be on the same search engine this way you will be able to get more audience and people viewing your website won’t have any problem.

Unique server names

Unique server names should be used for each or the domains and SEO hosting provides you with this facility making itself better than the other hosting services. Having unique names is better because then each of your websites would be independent of each other.

Different rDNS records

Through rDNS, search engines can track a website and thus have a unique rDNS will be helpful for you especially when you have a number of websites. This service makes SEO hosting better than the other hosting services.


SEO hosting has also one of the benefit hat other hosting services won’t be able to provide you and that benefit is the geo location. With this when someone wants to find your business the location to your company will be provided online and also when they are visiting someplace near you where they need any product by your company or business and when they search for places where they can get such services your business being near will pop up on their search engine and this facility is only provided to you by SEO hosting. It is the great reason to choose SEO hosting.

SEO experts

Another reason to SEO hosting is that it is being controlled by the SEO experts that will make your website’s search engine optimisation even better.

This was the short introduction of SEO hosting and its benefits over other hosting services.

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