Managed hosting

Managed hosting

Before you learn anything about managed hosting you have to know about web hosting. Web hosting is a service that allows companies and the individuals post websites online so people can view them. Marketing business online through the Internet as becoming the norm of the day, people are using the internet mostly to spread awareness about their business to the people and people this way are able to get more audience and thus their business get more known by the people. To market your business you always have to make a website of your business but how do you make it viewed by the people. This is where web hosting comes in. A web hosting company make people able to reach your website and see it. Web hosting has a number of types and one of those types is managed to host

Managed hosting

As we already know what web hosting is here we will know what managed hosting exactly is. Managed hosting is the type of web hosting in which a person lease the entire server which is not being shared by anyone. In this type of hosting the host give the entire server to one business, company or a person and they provide all type of services related that server alone to a single client. In this type of hosting the server is provided with the authority of making all the decisions about choosing a software, hardware and the operating system that is used for management and maintenance. These type of servers can be found in the data centres that are responsible for colocation facilities. The client is managed to host is able to run the operating system so those systems are used that clients are able to run easily and they can be provided with all the help that they require.

Benefits of managed hosting

Managed hosting has a lot of benefits that would make you choose me from the other web hosting services. Following are some of the benefits of the managed hosting



Security is one of the most important factors that come into our mind when we are talking about hosting. Managed hosting is the best hosting service when the concern is security. Spam filtering, software and operating system updating all come in managed hosting. Any issue related operating system or the software is scanned immediately and removed to assure the security.

Server monitoring

Even though the server is under your control I managed to host but still, it is made sure to monitor it regularly to remove any kind of defaults in the system. Any irregularity and potential failure are removed by monitoring it regularly.


The backups are also kept stored in case you lose any of your data the backup is always present for you to regain it back. Managed hosting keep the backup of your data in case you lose it and with these backups, you won’t be at the risk of failure.

Storage maintenance


Storage maintenance is one of the great benefits of managed hosting. With the service of storage maintenance, any risky files can be removed easily to lessen the risk etc.

This was the brief introduction of managed hosting and what are the benefits of managed hosting.


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